Project Title

Design ethics for AI: a typology of approaches & use cases for health

About the Project

This research project is being conducted as part of the Joint Centre for Bioethics Scholars Program in AI Ethics for Health at the University of Toronto. The aim of the project is to synthesize leading design ethics frameworks and to outline their potential applications in AI for care. Ultimately the results of this project will inform research, policy, and practice by clarifying how different ‘ethics by design’ approaches can guide ethical use of AI technologies across health system planning, organizational strategy, and direct care provision.

The Approach

This proposed project will consist of: (a) a structured scan of the literature to identify the most highly cited design ethics frameworks, and (b) conversations with leading experts in design ethics to ensure that the appropriate range of approaches have been selected for inclusion. Conversations with key informants will not be recorded or used as data (i.e. these will not consist of qualitative interviews requiring REB approval) but rather, will complement the literature scan to ensure consistency and rigour.

The Goal

The proposed results of this literature scan will be: (a) a comprehensive list of ethics-oriented approaches to design that have been cited in the literature; (b) organization of the list into a meaningful typology of groups based on commonalities in assumptions about morality and design; (c) a description of how these approaches relate to AI in health care, including different use cases for AI in health; and (d) a delineation of next steps in research and practice to promote the ethical design of AI for health. It is anticipated that these outputs will help inform research, policy, and practice in ethical design of AI for health system planning, organizational strategy, and direct interpersonal care delivery.

Project Status

This project is currently in the planning stage.

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